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Jacob Weidman was at one time believed to have been the leader of the first group of settlers to arrive in the area around 1750. This has since been proven to be not true since the settlers named in the group arrived over a 20 year period, some of them in the 1740's or earlier. Jacob was a miller, and set up the first saw and grist mill in Berne. Around these mills, the hamlet of Berne grew. In 1795 the Town Bern was allegedly named by him after Bern, Switzerland.

His original deed for 280 acres was granted by Stephen Van Rensselaer. The home of Jacob Weidman is shown on the 1787 map of Berne as being above the falls in hamlet of Berne on the north side of the mill pond he created on Fox Creek to power Weidman's Mills. Jacob had five children. The 1790 federal census suggests that his son Peter and family were living with him Peter reportedly built the largest house in Berne, with ten fireplaces. It may have been built next to Jacob Weidman's house shown on the 1787 map, or perhaps the large house had already been built by 1787. The house burnt down and was replaced by what is now known as The Thomas Hayes House.