Crystal Lake

From Rensselaerville, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Crystal Lake, NY - Sanford House - Courtesy William H. Moore

Crystal Lake: Coaches and later buses brought tourists to Crystal Lake in the northwest corner of Rensselaerville. Tourists stayed at the Sanford House, enjoying the scenery and fresh air. At one point Donald Lewis purchased cabins from the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Livingstonville, put them up at the lake, and rented them. There were also private summer cottages around the lake. (Courtesy William H. Moore)

On the way to Crystal Lake form Eagle Rock - Courtesy William H. Moore

This group is going up to Crystal Lake for an outing. The gentleman on the far left is carrying a large brass instrument, possibly for musical entertainment. Picnics like this were greatly anticipated, as adults got to renew acquaintances and children enjoyed a day with their friends. Families usually packed their own lunches. There were frequently concession stands, band concerts, and ball games. (Courtesy William H. Moore)