Wolf Creek Falls Preserve

From Knox, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Wolf Creek Falls
Photo by Daniel A. Driscoll


From the intersection of the Northway and Rt US 20, Western Avenue: Drive West, approximately eight miles and turn left onto Route 146 toward Altamont. Route 146 turns right in the middle of Altamont onto Maple Ave. Take that turn onto Maple. Route 146 then turns left at the end of a long block; however, you should keep going straight; as you leave Altamont you will find that you are on the Bozenkill Road. The Preserve is about 3-miles from Altamont; the parking lot is on your left. The nearest homes are at 774 and 816 on the north side of Bozenkill Road; the parking lot is between them on the south side of the road.


Wolf Creek Falls Preserve is owned by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy,


Was opened to the public in the Fall of 2007. It consists of 135 acres in the Town of Knox, a gift of Steve Brown, a retired SUNY professor.


This gorgeous parcel, which is open for public hiking, contains streams and waterfalls, a wetland, and numerous, old stone walls. Helder-hiking blogspot, towards the bottom of the page, has a map and description of hiking trails and scenery.

Map of trails

Wolf Creek Falls Trail Map
Courtesy of Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy

Photo Gallery