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Winn Preserve
Photo by Daniel A. Driscoll


From Altamont - west on Rte. 156 about 4 miles to the Cheldan House. Continue west on Rte. 156 and take the first right onto Witter Road.Take a left turn onto Rte. 146. Go a ¼ mile and take the next left onto Street Road (left most road.) The Winn Preserve is about one mile on the left, just past the Knox Transfer Station.


Hudson and Nancy Winn Preserve, owned by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, is along the Helderberg Escarpment and is geologically significant. It is partly in the Knox Land Conservation District #2; the southern boundary of the District is Truax Road, an old farm-to-market road that is extensively used by hikers, hunters, horseback riders and snowmobiles. The Winn Preserve includes over a half mile of Truax Road. The Town of Knox Transfer Station on Street Road is adjacent to the property to the north, but at a lower elevation.


This preserve began as a 129 acre gift from Nancy Winn of Slingerlands. Later acquisitions increased its size to 176 acres. The preserve is endowed by Ed and Mary Driscoll.


The upper elevations of the property are predominantly creviced limestone bedrock at the surface with very little soil (limestone pavement). The edge of the Helderberg Escarpment runs through the property with extensive rock outcrops and steep cliffs. Below the cliffs the bedrock is Schenectady shale and sandstone. There are no outstanding distant views because the property is heavily wooded.Apparently because of the surficial limestone, the property has an extensive ground cover of yew (or ground hemlock).

The property contains a well made cabin, built by the Winns.Mrs. Winn's son will retain use of the cabin during his lifetime, but the Conservancy can also use the cabin for research and other purposes.


A wide shoulder on Street Road just above (1000 feet to the south-west of) the Knox Transfer Station provides off-street parking.Geology at Winn Preserve The two trails from the parking area both lead to the Winn Preserve. The trail to the east (Truax Road) is the primary entrance to the Preserve; the first 600 feet crosses a small, heavily logged lot owned by the Town of Knox (posted signs remind you to say on the trail); the next 3000 feet of Truax Road leads through the heart of the Preserve and then enters private property.The trail to the south begins at the north-west corner of the Preserve, but only remains on the Preserve for about 1000 feet (it eventually leads to Knox Cave Road)


Winn Preserve Trail Map
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