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Kiwanis Club of the Helderbergs - There's an eagle in the Hilltowns - Altamont Enterprise - December 16, 2010

Bald eagle in the Hilltowns: Jane Mclean spotted this eagle in a cornfield and her husband, John Elberfeld, took the photo.

There's an eagle in the Hilltowns

To the Editor:

An eagle in a cornfield in Schoharie caught the attention of my wife, Jane Mclean, as we drove down Route 443 on the way to our home in Knox.

The eagle was at the far side of the cornfield and looked to be feasting on a carcass of some kind. I was driving when Jane spotted the bird, so we turned around and came back to photograph it out the car window. We were in Schoharie close to the Wright town line.

The eagle was far enough away to feel safe and continued to eat. With its head down, it looked very much like a turkey in the field.

Hunters should be careful. Even if your target really did look like a turkey, the penalty for killing an eagle can be $5,000 or a year in jail — with thousands of dollars reward available to those who turn you in.

The photos are the best I could do at that distance. Several friends said they thought they had seen an eagle in the Hilltown area, but now the photos prove that at least one is nearby.

John Elberfeld


Altamont Enterprise - Thursday. December 16, 2010