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Cpl. R. I. Cassidy Seeks Trust Fund of Late Father

From “Somewhere in Italy,” an American soldier, Cpl. Robert I. Cassidy, of Altamont has launched legal action to obtain a $75,000 trust fund in an Albany estate. The soldier, through a power of attorney given to his lawyer, Edouard L. Dunne of New York City, seeks the principal of a trust fund comprising one-third of the residuary estate of his grandmother, Mrs. Lucy Cassidy.

Mrs. Cassidy, member of an old Albany area family, died in 1902. She divided her residuary estate into three parts, one for a the benefit of a son, John; another part outright to a second son, William, and the remaining part for the benefit of a third son, Edward, father of Cpl. Cassidy.

Cpl. Cassidy instituted the proceeding for the principal of the $75,000 trust fund on the ground his father, a resident of occupied France, is dead. The grandmother provided in her will that her son, Edward, should receive life income from the trust, and after his death, it is to go to his child, or children.

Cpl. Cassidy is the sole son and heir of his father’s estate, and as such claims the principal. Involved in the litigation is the question of proof of the father’s death. According to Dunne, Edward Cassidy died October 8, 1942, at the age of 82, at his estate in Port Blanc en Baden, in occupied France. As proof of death, he offered messages from the Vatican and the International Red Cross, received from the widow, Mrs. Nellie Cassidy.

Outcome of the suit will affect another trust fund created for Edward Cassidy under the will of his brother, William Cassidy, who died in Brighton, England. If Surrogate Rogan decides in Cpl. Cassidy’s favor, the second trust fund, about $70,000, will go to St. Peter’s hospital.

Also pending is an application for appointment of a temporary administrator in the Edward Cassidy estate. The estate consists of properties in France and Altamont and accumulated income from the two trusts. The trust proceedings were adjourned until the latter part of the week.

Altamont Enterprise February 25, 1944