1994 Town of Knox Comprehensive Plan: Tea Houses, Inns, Hotels

From Knox, NY - a Helderberg Hilltown
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Tea Houses, Inns, Hotels

The earliest tea room or teahouse in the Town of Knox was "The Crossways". It was housed in "Ed" Barkley's store(29) and was operated by Helen and Margaret Ogden. It apparently did not operate for to o many years. The earliest hotel seems to have been in existence before 1850 and is still in operation at the same site in Township(30); it is known as the Township Hotel and is presently operated by Barney and Harry Palumbo.

The present Foxenkill Lodge (31) was said to have been Allen's Tea Room in the years 1900 - 1925. The Highland Farm Restaurant has only been in operation for about twenty years and was converted from an old farm house(32). The Wayside Tavern, located on Route 157, was also once a tea house(33); it is currently operated by Arthur Martin.

Merryman's Tea House(34), owned and operated by Lesley Brower, was opened in 1927 and closed on Labor Day, 1941; it was in a 175 - year old home that once belonged to Merriman Nasholds. Merriman had fixed wagon wheels so a big wheel was hung in a tree outside of the tea house. The Tea House was operated for five years without running water or electricity but still was well patronized. Albany, Schenectady and neighboring towns frequented this fine eating place.

World War II brought about a general shortage of gasoline, distant motoring became difficult, and Merryman's Tea House closed. The building has since burned and only the chimney remains standing.