1994 Town of Knox Comprehensive Plan: Cassidy's Castle

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Cassidy's Castle

Cassidy's Castle was located in the Town of Knox on Old Stage Road(26) and was built, inhabited and deserted in the short span of 50 years. Edward A. Cassidy, an Albany architect, studied in France during the 1890s and there conceived the idea of building a castle on the highest part of his estate. He selected George Weaver as contractor, and bought an entire square mile of land to insure a plentiful supply of the Oriskany stone they planned to use. Once completed, Cassidy Castle with its Norman arch, glass - enclosed turret and ancient stone architecture became widely known.

A tourist hotel was erec ted on the side of the mountain to house the guests who came to see it and Saturday night game - cock matches. The estate also contained a quarter - mile enclosed racetrack which Cassidy used to break and train his colts.

Cassidy sold his estate to Harriet Ch ristie of Camp Pinnacle, who in the 1940s transferred the castle and several acres to the Salvation Army of Albany to be converted into a Fresh Air Camp. The castle was eventually torn down.