Instructions for Entering Service Personnel

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Information that would be useful in a biography includes

  • Photo
  • Birth (date, place, parents)
  • Education
  • Military Service
  • Marriage and Children
  • Occupation
  • Death (date and burial)
  • Obituary
  • Other Media (newspaper articles, service papers, obituary, etc.)
  • Gallery (photos)

Get a User Name and Password

1. Email John Elberfeld at [email protected]

a. In your email, include you full name, a User Name and Password you want to use, and the email address you want associated with the site
b. John will create an account with your unique user name and password on all SIX wikis that make up this site.
c. You will receive six emails, one for each site.
d. Please reply to each email to confirm your information.

2. Log In to the site

a. Click Log In in the very top right hand corner of the screen on the site where you want to add or edit data.
b. Enter your User Name and Password. BOTH ARE CASE SENSITIVE!
c. You may choose to be remembered for 180 days.
d. You must log into each wiki where you want to add or edit data.

Enter a Biography

  • Do a search on the Hilltown Biographies wiki using all possible spellings of the last name to confirm the biography does not already exist. For example, Dietz, Deitz, Diets - or Clickman, Clyckman, Clikeman - if known, use in your biography the spelling found on the grave stone or in the obituary.

1. Create the biography page

a. Click on the Hilltown Biographies link in the column at the left of the page and log in if needed.
b. Click on Create A Biography
c. Select the Civil War Template for Civil War Soldiers - otherwise select the top Biography Template
d. Enter the name of the individual: First Name Middle Name or Initial Last Name - John Q. Doe
e. Click Create Page

2. Add information

a. All possible categories are listed at the bottom of the template. Delete the categories that do not apply to your individual. One individual may have lived in more than one town and fought in more than one war.
b. Enter information under the appropriate headings for your individual
c. Click Save at the bottom of the page and preview your work
d. Click Edit in the top menu bar to make corrections and add more data.

3. Rename your individual

a. Click the down arrow to the right of View History in the top menu bar
b. Select the Move option.
c. In the To New text box, enter the individuals Last Name, First Name Middle Initial - Doe, John Q.
d. Click Move Page to create a second link to the biography. Both [[John Q. Doe]] and [[Doe, John Q.]] will send a user to your new page.

4. Add veterans to the appropriate veterans list.

a. Navigate to the town, its Military History, and the specific war the veteran fought in.
b. Log in if needed.
c. If the veteran's name is NOT on one of the lists, please add it
d. Click Edit
e. Scroll the the appropriate list
f. Lists are alphabetical by last name. Click at the end of the soldier's name that is just before your individual's name in the list and press the Enter key to start a new line for you soldier's name.
g. Enter your individual's name as *[[Bio:Doe, John Q.|Doe, John Q.]]
h: Bio sends the user to the Biographies wiki.
i. The text to the right of the vertical pipe is what appears on the screen.
j. Links are case sensitive

5. Check your work

a. Click on the link you just created to be sure it send you to the intended biography
b. If the link fails, go to the new biography directly, copy its title, and paste that title after the [[Bio: text