1865 New York State Census - Including Civil War Questions

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The 1865 state census continued to list every inhabitant's name. Besides this information, also listed is the gender, race, age, state or country of birth, type and value of dwelling, occupation, and information about literacy and citizenship. Like the 1855 census, this one also lists the county of birth if it is within New York. Information about the number of times each individual was married, and how many children they had, is also listed. However, the unique value of this census lies in the information it contains about men who served in the Civil War. In theory at least, every man still a New York resident in 1865 was asked for information about his service. A chart at the end of every four pages sets out the regiment, term of enlistment, time actually served, rank achieved and personal remarks about the thousands of veterans. At the end of each election district, along with marriages and civilian deaths that occurred during the previous year, is another chart showing statistics about all the men who died in the service, giving their ages, place and cause of death, and place of burial. Detailed agricultural and industrial information is also included in this census, enumerating every farm and its produce as well as every manufacturing enterprise and its products.