Smith, Deliverance

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Deliverance Smith was born at Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., NY on March 6, 1757.


From Nine Partners, he volunteered in 1775 and served under Colonel Humphrey’s Regiment and served in NY City for 4 months. He again volunteered in the same year and served again in Colonel Humphrey’s Regiment and was sent to Fort Montgomery. He was discharged in March of 1777. He volunteered again in April of 1777 and went to Poughkeepsie where his company kept guard on the Court House there and engaged in scouting. He served a year and was again discharged. He enlisted again for another 4 months. In this term he was charged with guarding the bridges in Westchester County, and was in three skirmishes.

Marriage & Children

During his last service, he married for the first time. The name of his wife is unknown, and it is also unknown if or how many children they had.
On January 1, 1814 he married Sarah Doty who was born in Connecticut on July 7, 1773, a daughter of Samuel and Mercy Doty and the widow of James Conger.
Sarah and Deliverance had no children together.


Deliverance died in Berne on October 18, 1836. His burial place is unknown. Sarah died on August 10, 1863 at Hamden in Delaware Co., NY and was buried at the Arabia Cemetery in Franklin, Delaware Co., NY, aged 90 years, 1 month, 3 days.

Additional Media

Revolutionary War Pension File. Sarah’s Widow’s Pension is included