Shultes, Johannes (1755)

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Johannes was born in Rhinebeck, NY on February 17, 1755 a son of Jacob and Christina Shultes


John enlisted in the service on April 27, 1777 at Rhinebeck and served for two years

Marriage & Children

John married Elizabeth Hevenor was born in Rhinebeck on May 17, 1767 in the spring of 1785. They had the following known children:

  • Johannes Shultes born on November 2, 1788 at Rhinebeck
  • Daniel Shultes born on January 26, 1786 at Rhinebeck
  • Henrich Shultes born on October 18, 1790 at Rhinebeck
  • Anna Maria Shultes born on November 16, 1792 at Rhinebeck

John and Elizabeth removed with these four children to Rensselaerville in 1795. Elizabeth’s pension file indicates that there may have been others born after they arrived in Rensselaerville but nothing else within those documents verifies that. Elizabeth married secondly, Peter Emrick. Peter died in Saugerties in October 15, 1849. Elizabeth then went to Utica, NY to live with or near her daughter.


John died at Rensselaerville May 27, 1815. His place of burial was not given but his widow and children remained in Rensselaerville until 1835 and a resident of Rensselaerville gave a statement in the pension file that she saw his remains and was there when he was buried. It’s probable that he was buried in Rensselaerville and not returned to Rhinebeck.

Additional Media

At the time that she filed for benefits, Elizabeth was about 78 years old and totally blind. The most important documents of her file are found below: