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Jeremiah Olin was born on March 11, 1788 at Shaftsbury, VT, a son of Giles Olin and Anna Reynolds. [1]

Marriage & Children

At about 1813, he married Salome Gage who was born on May 22, 1796 in Knox, Albany Co., NY, a daughter of William Gage and Ruth Macomber. [1] Their children were:

  • John Olin born about 1814, married Eliza Williams[1]
  • Ruth Olin born about 1816, married Daniel Noyes-named in her father’s will. [1]
  • Truman Olin born born about 1818, died in MO in 1890, no further record-not named in the will. [1]
  • Julia Ann born about 1819, wife of Elias Williams-named in her father’s will
  • Edwin C. Olin born about 1820, no further record-named in his father’s will[1]
  • Mahalia Olin born about 1822, married William A. Dickinson-named in her father’s will. [1]
  • Jeremiah Olin born about 1824, his wife’s name was Mary-not named in his father’s will[1]
  • Nancy Olin born about 1831, married Aaron Lamour-not named in her father’s will[1]
  • Martha Olin born at about 1833, married Elias Gaige-named in her father’s will[1]
  • Maria D. Olin born May 15, 1843, died September 17, 1845, burial at Lee’s Church, Knox[1]
  • Giles Olin, no information known-not named in the will[1]


Jeremiah died on January 14, 1860 and was buried at Lee’s Church Cemetery in Knox. Salome died in 1881[1] and was buried beside him.

Jeremiah’s Will

Additional Research Notes

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