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Eli was born on October 1, 1800 in Berne, a son of William Miller and Nancy Russell[1]. His siblings were:

  • John Miller was born on January 26, 1791 at Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY[1]
  • Russell Miller was born on September 10, 1792. He married Nancy Conger[1]
  • Martha (Patty) Miller was born about 1796[1]
  • [[Bio: Miller, William|William Miller was born about 1798. He married Mary (Polly)Joslin[1]
  • Elizabeth Miller was born on April 10, 1804. She married Abram Onderdonk[1]

Marriage & Children

At about 1826 Eli married Anna Barton who was born on February 20, 1807 at Westchester County, NY a daughter of Caleb S. Barton and Sally Martha Carle[1]. Their children were:

  • Barton Miller was born in 1840 at Berne[1]
  • Sarah (Sally) Miller was born at about 1833 in Berne. She married Andrew Simmons.[1]
  • Nancy Miller was born on November 4, 1827 in Berne. She married Samuel S. Wright[1]
  • Sanford E. Miller was born November 6, 1847. He married Emma E. Cornwell[1]
  • Stephen H. Miller was born on May 6, 1835. He married Hannah M. Wright[1]
  • Jane E. Miller was born in 1831[1]
  • Amelia Ann Miller was born in 1838. She married George J. White[1]
  • Andrew J. Miller was born in 1829. He married Margaret Schell[1]
  • Simon Peter Miller was born in 1844. He married Harriet E. Cornwell[1]


Eli died on September 11, 1852 in East Berne. Anna died on July 5, 1892. They were buried in their private burial ground.

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