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His given name at birth was Jacques. His surname was Lamoreaux. He was born on February 12, 1730 at or near New Rochelle, NY a son of Daniel Lamoreux and Jean Masse. [1] His siblings were:

  • Daniel Lamoureux born May 10, 1720 in NY City[1]
  • Andre Lamoureux born January 10, 1722 in NY City[1]
  • John Lamoureux born December 31, 1723 in NY City[1]
  • Peter Lamoureux born September 23, 1726 in New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY[1]
  • Elizabeth Lamoureux born December 8, 1728 in New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY[1]
  • Isaac Lamoureux born November 15, 1732 at New Rochelle, Westchester Co., NY[1]
  • Suzanne Lamoureux born December 26, 1736 at Bedford, Westchester Co., NY[1]
  • Joshua Lamoureux born January 9, 1739 at Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY. He died in Canada. [1]

Marriage & Children

In 1754 at Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY, he married Hannah Clemmons[2] (in various places, her maiden name was given as Conklin) who was born in 1735 at New Rochelle, NY[1]. Their children:

  • Daniel Lamoree[3] was born in 1755[1]
  • Aaron Lamoree[3] was born in 1761 at Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY[1]
  • Peter Lamoree[3] was born in 1765 at Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY[1]
  • William Lamoree[3] was born in 1768 at Phillipstown, Dutchess Co., NY[1]
  • Catherine Lamoree[3] was born on July 28, 1770 at Phillipstown, married Henry Smith[1]
  • John Lamoree[3] was born in 1772 at Phillipstown[1]
  • James Lamoree was born in 1774 at Phillipstown[1]
  • George Lamoree[3] was born in 1778 at Philliipstown[1]


Hannah died in 1815[2]. James died on March 1, 1820, according to his will, at Rensselaerville, he was buried at the Indian Fields Cemetery in Coeymans, Albany Co., NY[4]

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