Zeh, Cornelius (1831)

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30 Jan. 1831 to Henrich Zehand Clarissa Mary Van Dusen Berne. He was the 7th child of 11.


He was a farmer om family farm in Berne then abt. 1880 he moved his family to the town of Bethlehem and he worked as a farm labor until he retired back to Berne.

Marriage & Children

He married in Berne 10 April 1853 Elmina Serena Townsend born 17 Apr. 1834 Berne. They had 9 children all born Berne.

  • George R. Zeh Jan. 11,1856-1936 married Carrie Sterberg
  • Henrietta Zeh July 29, 1858
  • Mary A. Zeh May 16, 1860 married Stephen Smith
  • Clarissa J. Zeh 1863 died 21 mar. 1890 married Edward Thayer of Westerlo
  • William H. Zeh 1865 married Catherine------
  • Peter Alonzo Zeh 1868 died Apr. 1938 Knox never married.
  • Albert Zeh Aug. 1869
  • Irena Zeh 1871 married John Atkins
  • Jessie Zeh 22 Jan. 1873 died Apr. 26, 1962 Bethlehem, N.Y. married James Westervelt of Bethlehem


Cornelius died 8 Apr. 1913 Berne and is buried in the Lake Rural Cemetery at Thompsons Lake, Berne.

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