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William Chesebro was born in the town of Knox, July 22, 1802, the son of Elijah Chesebro and Thankful Williams, who was born in 1769, and also of Welsh ancestry. His siblings were:

  • Eunice Chesebro, who died when ten years of age
  • Hannah Chesebro
  • Elijah Chesebro
  • Jane Chesebro
  • Mary Chesebro
  • Lucy Chesebro
  • Esther Chesebro
  • Sarah Ann Chesebro



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Chesebro, Thaddeus, son of William Chesebro, was born in the village of Guilderland Center in 1832. Elijah, his grandfather, was a native of Stonington, Conu., born in 1759, and was of Welsh ancestry. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, and settled in the town of Knox, Albany, county, in 1789. He was married the same year to Thankful Williams, who was born in 1769, and also of Welsh ancestry. They had nine children; Eunice, who died when ten years of age; Hannah, Elijah, Jane, Mary, Lucy, William, Esther, and Sarah Ann. He died May 6, 1808, and his wife died May 22, 1858. Their son Elijah was a soldier in the war of 1812 and died in 1860. William, the father of Thaddeus, was born in the town of Knox, July 22, 1802. He began life for himself when twenty-four years of age. He became a black-smith by trade and about 1826 moved to the village of Guilderland Center and purchased a blacksmith shop and carried on business there until 1836, when he sold out his shop and purchased 100 acres of heavy timber land, which now comprises the farm of Thaddeus Chesebro. His wife was Roxana Chapman, daughter of Jonas and Susan Chapman of Knox. The children are Thaddeus, Sarah, Esther, Mary, Jesse and Charles. He died in 1877 and his wife died in 1881 at the age of seventy-nine. Thaddeus received a common school education, and at the age of twelve his father set him to hauling cord wood and produce to the city of Albany. At this pursuit he continued until he grew into manhood. Several years before the death of his father he assumed full control of the farm business. Since then he has added to his estate forty acres of woodland and erected a large wagon house and barns. For some years past he has given considerable attention to dairying and possesses an excellent lot of grade Jersey cows. In 1856 he married Miss Gertrude, daughter of Wendell Vine, who was a i)rominent man in Guilderland, where he was supervisor. Mr. and Mrs. Chesebro have two children: Mrs. Edna Grafters of Newtonville and Mrs. Carrie Goodrich of Pasadena, Cal.

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