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Nicholas was born in 1788, a son of Ephraim Bogardus and Maria Huyck. [1]

Marriage & Children

Nicholas reportedly married at about 1809. His wife’s name is not known. Their child:

  • Elizabeth Bogardus was born at about 1810.

On May 4, 1814, at the Reformed Church in Berne, he married Catharine Veeder who was born on April 2, 1780, a daughter of Volkert Veeder and Susanna Mydertse.
Catherine was the widow of Robert Bullock. She had two children in that marriage, they were Ellen and Sally Bullock. [1] The known children of the marriage of Nicholas and Catherine:

  • Robert Bullock Bogardus born April 19, 1815[1]
  • Maria Bogardus born about 1816, married John P. Vermilya[2].
  • Ephraim H. Bogardus born November 5, 1819, married Cornelia W. Crary[1]
  • Joseph Bullock Bogardus born February 22, 1822[1]

At about 1840 he married the widow, Polly Merrihew who was born at about 1790[1]. Their known child:

  • Catherine Bogardus born at about 1841. [2]


Catherine died on April 24, 1839. Nicholas died on December 30, 1841. They’re buried beside each other in the Snyder Cemetery in Westerlo.

Nicholas Bogardus Will

Additional Research Notes

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