Rest Seeker's Inn

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Rest Seeker's Inn

Our Heritage - On the main street in front of this [mill of Christopher and Johannes Warner] stood Henry and Grace Binns' Boarding House (now Rest Seekers) [now gone!] where in the 1900's they served the biggest and best meals specializing mainly in chicken and pork raised on their big farm, now [1977] known as Cole Hill Farms, then managed by Harley Parker.

The Rest Seeker's Inn was operated as a restaurant in later years. It was owned and operated by Benjamin J. Rigaud Jr., and was known throughout the capital district for the meals he served. The building was demolished several years ago. The Inn in the early days had a six hole outhouse.

The majority of the pictures posted here were from the Tom and Maryellen Nagengast collection and were posted by Willard Osterhout