Brate's Hotel

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Brate's Hotel was located on Cass Hill Rd. at the junction with Duck Hill Rd. near Reidsville, Town of Berne. Portions of the hotel can still be seen in the woods. The builders and operators were Charles Brate and his wife Nancy Smith Brate.

[Note: The source of the alternative name of "Kushuqua" Hotel comes from James Brate's memoirs of Reidsville, (although the Hotel's name is spelled "Kushequa" in his memoir). Both of these spellings are essentially the same name as the "Kushaqua" Hotel built above Altamont in 1885 by Col. Walter S. Church, later known as Helderberg Inn. No reference can be found in a search of the Altamont Enterprise archives to support either of these alternative names for Brate's Hotel. James Brate is a grandnephew of the third husband of Charles Brate's mother.)

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